27 Feb 2012

The journey begins...

This is my first blog and what better subject matter than my favourite hobby, the great outdoors. 

Currently my aim is to create an English language blog of my adventures in the Czech Republic, where I go, how I get there, what I took and what I saw all interspersed with comment on news and maybe a review or two of my current kit and any new items. Essentially a blog like all the rest :)

I am a self confessed gear head and feel that I spend more time reading reviews about and lusting over the latest and greatest shiny things. I need to just get out and enjoy the outdoors more, after all equipment is just something that allows us to get out and not the reason for getting out! Or that's what I try to tell myself.

Things may start off a bit messy as I find my feet and play around with layouts and fonts, however I do promise you original content and hopefully an insight to the great outdoors of an often overlooked country in central Europe with a lot to offer.


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